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    1. Welcome to Retail Academy!

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Are you looking to recruit new retail?

    2. 2024 Retail Expansion Outlook

    3. Retail = Economic Development

    4. What percentage of job in your state are supported by Retail?

    5. 2024 Trends

    6. Download and Review Average Annual Sales & Sales Tax for 100 Retailers

    7. Resource: NRF Economic Impact Report

    8. NRF 2024 Forecast

    9. How omnichannel shoppers divide their allegiances between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores

    10. Quiz: Changing Consumers

    11. Quick Service Restaurants Continuing Expansion

    12. Download and Review "Halo Effect III ICSC Report"

    13. Quiz: Retail Trends

    14. Top 50 Fast Food Chains in America

    15. Future trends that will shape consumer behavior and retail operations

    16. Retail Strategies Insider Report - Winter 2024

    1. Custom Demographics

    2. Demographic Overview

    3. Mobile Data Study and Custom Trade Area

    4. Tapestry Question

    5. Tapestry Segmentation

    6. Retail Gap Analysis

    7. Peer Analysis and Retail Prospects

    8. Homework: Your Local Story Beyond the Demographics

    1. Retail Timeline

    2. Pitch to a Retailer

    3. Pitch to Retailer: Video

    4. Pitch to Retailer: Emails & Calls

    5. Pitch to a Tenant Representation Broker

    6. Pitch to a Tenant Rep Broker: Video

    7. Pitch to a Tenant Rep Broker: Emails & Calls

    8. Pitch to a Developer

    9. Pitch to a Developer: Video

    10. Pitch to a Developer: Emails & Calls

    11. Pitch to a Franchisor

    12. What is a Franchise?

    13. Franchising Matchmaker - FranNet, Consultant Jerry Bird

    14. Homework: Find Your Local Retail Real Estate Influencers

    1. Real Estate 101: Defining a Shopping Center

    2. Recruitment Tools

    3. Finding Contacts Online Resources

    4. Finding Contacts Using Retail Lease Trac [separate investment required for software]

    5. Real Estate Tip Sheet for Community Leaders

    6. Bonus Webinar: Don't Say No For the Prospect with Beth Azor

    7. Retail Academy Blue Book

    8. Shopping Center Definitions - ICSC

    9. Highest & Best Use

    1. How to Develop and Support a Better Food and Beverage Ecosystem to Drive Your Strategic Economic Goals

    2. Attention on Trends and How To Be a Resource

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